Ride-on Mowers

We’ve tried varying brands of lawn tractor and rider machines over the years. Clearly some have more problems than others. As we said before on the main “sales” page – “nothing is ever perfect”, but we do try to choose “the best of the bunch”, having reviewed the merits of what’s available. We try to steer clear of those having unusual belt configurations and unless a range of machines has other outstanding benefits, we try to avoid timed decks – multi-bladed decks with a driven blade and slave blades. Sometimes as manufactures change and improve their products we will amend the range of machines that we stock to keep Customers up to date with the most efficient and reliable machines available. We offer both grass collecting and mulch dedicated riders and tractors, with some excellent performers in both categories and in a variety of sizes with application areas from ¼ acre to large estates. We find that in our “compact and bijou” showroom, there just isn’t space to put the larger machines on show, although most are in our warehousing, but you get a very clear idea from the smaller versions of how they work and what they are capable of.

Toro Logo
Toro 74657 ZS-4200T ZTR

These Zero Turn (ZTR) machines are incredibly manoeuverable and robust.  They turn on their own axis allowing mowing around obstacles of any shape and size with ease.

‚ÄčThese mulching machines leave a superb finish to any lawn and will save a lot of time and effort.

This is a link to their website

Atco Logo
Atco GT-30M Tractor Mower 30
Atco GT-40H-Twin 40
Atco Rider Mower 28

This Company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of garden machinery actually makes a variety of brands and some “own-branded” products (a range “brand” named at a specific retailer request), at a huge variety of price points and therefore qualities.

The very proof of “you get what you pay for”! The Atco Brand name – always synonymous with quality, they have re-developed and improved some of their pre-existent range and also introduced product specifically designed to carry the Atco Brand name – now the top of the tree in terms of what they do. In truth, we have sold this manufacturers product ever since we took over OHMS, some supplied to us in their own brand name and some in the name of the Company importing it into the UK. We opt where possible for the hydrostatic versions – always easier to control, especially the foot controlled ones, however manual versions are available for the price conscious among us. Designed as grass collecting machines, often with a mulching option, they grass collect brilliantly, but something designed to be dedicated to a specific operation is never as efficient when forced to perform a different task.

Their range includes side discharge tractors too, which is good for those long rough areas where grass collection is not required, and some rear-engined riders, where the engine is at the back, under or behind the driver, giving good visibility as you manoeuvre. This is not always a popular prospect as it “doesn’t look like a tractor”, until we explain the benefits. We find most customers want to mow areas of lawn and leave it looking tidy. These tractors where multi-bladed, some have timed decks and range in size from 27” – 48” width of cut, with brilliant grass collection. All of these have the deck mounted mid-way on the machine.

They have three ways in which you can buy these products.

Direct from us the main dealer, where the product is built, predelivery insepected and delivered and demostrated to you, always sold to you at the prevailing internet prices.

From the Atco website, where you pay directly as per all other websites, the order is then either passed directly to us, where we again, build and predelivery inpsect the tractor and deliver it to you (Atco's white glove service) or it will be deilvered direct from Atco, not an easy option if you have never had one of these before.

This is the direct link to their website.


A video link to some of their lawn and garden tractors working.



Husqvarna Logo
Husqvarna Rider13C, Articulated, Out-front Mower

For us, this is the rear engine rider of favour. These are dedicated mulch mowers, articulated, so with very tight (not quite zero-turn) turning circles and the cutting deck out at the front so that you can get the cutting unit into so many more places. Trees, obstacles, artistically shaped beds to go round? – It’s a doddle with one of these. When you have something this easy to use, manoeuvrable and efficient it becomes a travesty to sell the manual option where, every time you want to change gear, you have to stop forward

motion, take your hand off the steering wheel, change gear and set off again. We’ve looked at similar options on the market. We’ve demonstrated these Husqvarna machines alongside where the other options have been used, and when used at the same time, have been both faster and more efficient in the finish of cut. They excel at what they do – but it comes at a price. The range starts with a compact version, the baby, with a 34” timed deck and goes through from a 37” all the way up, to professional diesel versions with 60” decks, all non-timed with a rear discharge facility for longer grass, the larger ones also having the option of alternative tools to put on the front in place of the cutting deck, like flail mowers and powered brushes.

The Husqvarna rider concept in action.



Snapper cmy
Snapper LT75 33
Snapper Rear Engined Rider Mower 13.5Hp 28
Snapper ELT2246 22Hp Twin Cylinder 46

This range offers tough rear engine riders – look basic and are simple in design. Not everybody’s “cup of tea” to look at but offer robustness in a smaller manoeuvrable machine with dedicated everything, depending on which option you choose to take Side discharge, mulch or grass collect.

The basic machines have “shift-on-the-go” gears, anywhere upwards of first gear can be transferred to without the need to stop! Size options are 28” or 33” cutting deck. We also keep a 33” version, looks lovely with sleek bodywork and foot controlled hydrostatic drive which is set up to grass collect, but can mulch with the option kit. Larger than this the range moves to front engine where we offer both a 40” and 46” dedicated mulching machine. This range gives a really keen option on price.

Snapper Mulching

IsekiLogo cmyk
Iseki SXG216 40

When all else fails, if you run through tractors regularly, due to their heavy workload, and can’t find one that “cuts it”, or even grass collects as efficiently as you’d like, it’s time to move up-market. The Iseki range performs phenomenally. A range of diesel tractors from 40” cut upwards with superb grass collection and a range of compact tractors capable of those heavy duty chores, all with 3 point linkage and pto. Granted, not a cheap option, but we’ve never had a complaint –yet.

The full range of Iseki tractors are available for demonstration.

If you have a need for this type of machine, please give us a call and we can set up a free demonstration at your premises.

Some links below to some of their products and videos of them working.

Iseki SXG216 in action.

Link to Iseki Main Website page.