The time for robotic mowers is here.

by Peter Moffat
Monday 30 of January, 2017

The change from standard lawnmowers to the latest generation of robotic lawnmowers is happening ever faster.

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More and more people are freeing up their spare time by mowing the grass with these machines.

The quality of the grass is being improved beyond expectations due to the regular daily cutting leaving lawns looking better and better with very little customer input.

Traditional advertising methods for these machines help, but it is word of mouth as customers recommend these machines to friends and family is where most of the sales growth is appearing.

Seeing truly is believing in this case.

We offer a full initial appraisal, advice on the correct machine and it's installation and set up, along with a full service and back up, as and when required.

Make managing those lawns easier this season: please call or email for details.

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